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WordPress is User-Friendly

painting of knightsMy friend Richard Novossiltzeff is assembling his family history on a new WordPress site. He’s having great fun sorting through the documents that have been sitting in boxes for decades, scanning them and getting them online for posterity.

He’s finding WordPress to be really user-friendly. But he had a bit of trouble installing it manually. Then he called Bluehost and was told about their 1-click install, which many hosts have. He’s now a big fan of Bluehost’s customer service.

Here’s his website:






2 responses to “WordPress is User-Friendly”

  1. Richard Novossiltzeff Avatar

    Well Heather, just found your comments on me…and nice ones at that too! Great stuff at wordpress, I would say!
    Still working on building the site and upgraded to the latest Bluehost 5.4 software and all is working fine with twenty eleven template…?
    Ciao Baby

    1. Heather Holm Avatar
      Heather Holm

      Good to hear it, Richard.