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  • Trends in web design: Responsiveness and touch screens

    Trends in web design: Responsiveness and touch screens

    Screen Resolution For years, we were designing web pages for monitors that were 640 pixels wide. It was such a relief when we could widen our designs for 800 pixel monitors. A few years later, it was safe to shoot for 1024 pixels (about 995 pixels plus room for the scrollbar). Meanwhile, we had to […]

  • WordPress is User-Friendly

    WordPress is User-Friendly

    My friend Richard Novossiltzeff is assembling his family history on a new WordPress site. He’s having great fun sorting through the documents that have been sitting in boxes for decades, scanning them and getting them online for posterity. He’s finding WordPress to be really user-friendly. But he had a bit of trouble installing it manually. […]

  • What fonts can I use on my website or WordPress blog?

    The fonts that people see on a website (or blog) – or in an e-mail, for that matter, are the ones they have on their computer. It matters not which ones you have on yours. “Browser-safe” fonts are very few in number, as they comprise those fonts that almost every computer has installed. They are […]

  • Flashy isn’t always best. Keep it simple.

    (UPDATED IN 2017) In 2010, I redesigned two websites for companies selling office furniture and supplies. The previous versions of the websites made extensive use of Flash and JavaScript. Some of their biggest customers (e.g. government offices) operated behind a security wall that banned JavaScript, and workers could not use the site or see any […]