Clients’ Testimonials

David Yasenchack, timber framer

Among the numerous web designers we considered, you stood out with concise, straightforward, and exceedingly prompt communication. Indeed, the correspondence has been downright refreshing! And over the last several years your design skills and SEO advice have given us an effective website which has made all the difference to our business. This, really, is an understatement.

To boot, working with you on changes and revisions is always a pleasure!

David Yasenchack,


Because of your work on our website we are the contractors that get the out of province clients, without our HolmPage website, our business would not be as successful as we are. Thank you for all the hard work you do for us.

Yvonne Delaney, Cocks & Delaney Construction & Design


So what can I say about a website that has helped me sell a million dollars in recreational property and has put my website at the top of the google search list. Fabulous work Heather. Holmpage knows their stuff and is reasonably priced.

Thank you from Gord at

I am getting a LOT of good feedback about the TJ website ….and all of the people I know that have chosen your services are also pleased… you are in a place of right livelihood that the Buddhists are always talking about.

Nancy Sherwood, Traveller’s Joy 


I get a lot of comments about how beautiful our projects are, but that’s really the site itself that puts that idea in their heads. Another comment is how easy it is to navigate. 

I am very happy with the site. I often “walk” thru it with clients on the phone. I’m almost through with my “Why choose Arlington?” blurb.

I’ve got to take the time here to tell you how happy I am with all of the work, advice, and support you’ve given me on this new project.

Forrest Rand, Arlington Frame Company
and Timberframe Houseplans Ltd.


Though we’ve yet to meet (never is a long time) I’m totally delighted with the professionalism of your service.

Thanks, Heather. I appreciate you taking ownership of the page, and just doing the things you think need to be done to keep it current and fresh.

Alex Winch, Beach Solar Laundromat