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WordPress is software for building websites.

An open source content management system (CMS), WordPress is the platform of choice for millions of the world’s websites today.

WordPress can either be part of a website (typically for a blog) or the framework for the entire site. It allows contributors to make additions to the site themselves. You can log in and edit it from anywhere.

WordPress functionality can be expanded with plugins that offer a wide variety in function.

HolmPage Productions now specializes in WordPress. Why?

  • Core features and plugins offer almost unlimited functionality that would otherwise take a lot of work to implement.
  • It’s easier than other major content management systems for site owners to learn to make their own updates.
  • It’s great for search engine optimization.
  • It is as future-proof as a website can be, precisely because the core of WordPress, as well as themes and plugins, are updated regularly.
  • The database structure allows you to organize and re-organize your content now and in the future. 

See Portfolio: WordPress Websites for some examples.


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