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  • What to do with your videos?

    What to do with your videos?

    Q:  We are preparing a couple of videos profiling our donors. They will be 1-2 minutes long. We are looking for guidance on how best to incorporate them into FB and our webpage. We think a link from FB to direct them to the page would be good. We wonder if they should be made […]

  • 8 things to do if you can’t afford a website yet

    8 things to do if you can’t afford a website yet

    Starting a new business on a shoestring? Can’t afford to shell out a grand or two, or more, on a website? Here are 8 things you can do to get started, for free!

  • WordPress Needs Proper Maintenance

    WordPress Needs Proper Maintenance

    WordPress keeps getting better, but only if you make the updates. For example, WordPress 3.9, which is just out as I write this post, has a much improved image processing module which makes it easier to edit pictures. The most important reason for keeping your WordPress site up to date, however, is security. Just as the ones for your computer’s operating […]

  • WordPress Websites

    WordPress Websites

    Most of the new sites and redesigns that I’m creating nowadays are built on WordPress. Why? WordPress is a open-source blogging application that can be installed on a domain either as part of a site or as the basis of the entire site. It allows the site owner or contributors to make additions to the […]

  • Trends in web design: Responsiveness and touch screens

    Trends in web design: Responsiveness and touch screens

    Screen Resolution For years, we were designing web pages for monitors that were 640 pixels wide. It was such a relief when we could widen our designs for 800 pixel monitors. A few years later, it was safe to shoot for 1024 pixels (about 995 pixels plus room for the scrollbar). Meanwhile, we had to […]

  • Can you get me ranked #1 on Google?

    Can you get me ranked #1 on Google?

    This is a common question. Here’s Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team, with part of the answer… What I can do for you: 1. Make sure your site is technically structured in such a way that helps Google and other search engines find out what your business is about. 2. Do research to find […]

  • WordPress is User-Friendly

    WordPress is User-Friendly

    My friend Richard Novossiltzeff is assembling his family history on a new WordPress site. He’s having great fun sorting through the documents that have been sitting in boxes for decades, scanning them and getting them online for posterity. He’s finding WordPress to be really user-friendly. But he had a bit of trouble installing it manually. […]

  • What fonts can I use on my website or WordPress blog?

    The fonts that people see on a website (or blog) – or in an e-mail, for that matter, are the ones they have on their computer. It matters not which ones you have on yours. “Browser-safe” fonts are very few in number, as they comprise those fonts that almost every computer has installed. They are […]

  • Facebook scores again

    I now have two clients who tried blogging, with the best of intentions, but didn’t keep it up.  One tried Twitter but that fizzled too.  Now, both have set up Facebook Pages, and have finally found their social medium. I can see many reasons why Facebook works for them:

  • The impact on traffic of having a blog on your web site

    Maybe you’ve heard that it’s good to have a blog on your website – that it brings more visitors.  Want proof? I have a fun little website – a labour of love –  that I’ve been growing for 10 years now, the Nova Scotia Photo Album. It started out as a wedding gift on a […]