The Nitty-Gritty Process of Creating a Website

I am no longer taking on new clients.

Maintenance service

I provide a responsive and timely update and addition service to my existing clients. Depending on your needs, we can set up a maintenance contract, or charge you straight time at my current rate in quarter-hour increments.

To update your site, all I need is an e-mail from you with your requested changes.

Doing it yourself

WordPress login screen
WordPress login screen

If you would like to be involved in editing or adding your own content, I can set you up and train you to do so.

WordPress is one of the easier content management systems for site owners to learn to edit – which is one reason I choose to use it. It is also very powerful and extendable.

Note that the cost-effectiveness of updating the site yourself depends on the frequency of updates and your computer literacy. If you forget how to do it from one time to the next, and if your time is otherwise valuable, you might as well pay someone and have it get done in a timely fashion!

Ownership and copyright


I assign the copyright of your web site to you. I do not intend to hold your site ransom to your continued business.

If you want to work with another web designer in the future, I will cooperate in the transfer and only charge you for the time required to do so.