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  • SEO Trends

    SEO Trends

    Gone are the days when you can put your desired keywords in a meta keyword tag and expect them to work with the search engines. Google especially doesn’t look at meta keyword tags, preferring to analyze the text on the page itself to determine what the page is about. It goes back to the days […]

  • Social media experiment by KLM generates big payoff

    The Dutch have a few things figured out when it comes to air travel. When the Icelandic volcano was wreaking havoc with air travel worldwide, Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport was bringing in clowns and food to keep its travelers happy. Now Dutch airline company KLM has done a cool experiment, using its customer’s tweets on Twitter […]

  • Facebook scores again

    I now have two clients who tried blogging, with the best of intentions, but didn’t keep it up.  One tried Twitter but that fizzled too.  Now, both have set up Facebook Pages, and have finally found their social medium. I can see many reasons why Facebook works for them: