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  • 8 things to do if you can’t afford a website yet

    8 things to do if you can’t afford a website yet

    Starting a new business on a shoestring? Can’t afford to shell out a grand or two, or more, on a website? Here are 8 things you can do to get started, for free!

  • SEO Trends

    SEO Trends

    Gone are the days when you can put your desired keywords in a meta keyword tag and expect them to work with the search engines. Google especially doesn’t look at meta keyword tags, preferring to analyze the text on the page itself to determine what the page is about. It goes back to the days…

  • Spaces, underscores or hyphens in file names?

    Document names are best written with hyphens or underscores rather than with spaces. Otherwise, some browsers insert a %20 for the spaces, which is harder for search engines to read. Hyphens have been found to be the best, at least for Google. Thus “Current widget price list 2010.pdf” becomes Current%20widget%20%price%20list%202010.pdf. The search engine sees “Current”,…