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  • WordPress Needs Proper Maintenance

    WordPress Needs Proper Maintenance

    WordPress keeps getting better, but only if you make the updates. For example, WordPress 3.9, which is just out as I write this post, has a much improved image processing module which makes it easier to edit pictures. The most important reason for keeping your WordPress site up to date, however, is security. Just as the ones for your computer’s operating…

  • WordPress Websites

    WordPress Websites

    Most of the new sites and redesigns that I’m creating nowadays are built on WordPress. Why? WordPress is a open-source blogging application that can be installed on a domain either as part of a site or as the basis of the entire site. It allows the site owner or contributors to make additions to the…

  • Can you get me ranked #1 on Google?

    Can you get me ranked #1 on Google?

    This is a common question. Here’s Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team, with part of the answer… What I can do for you: 1. Make sure your site is technically structured in such a way that helps Google and other search engines find out what your business is about. 2. Do research to find…