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  • vs How to choose vs How to choose

    So you want a website, and you’ve heard of WordPress, and maybe you’ve heard that there are two kinds of WordPress: and Say what? If your needs are simple and your budget is small, a personal blog for example, consider going with You’re basically on your own, but if you need coaching, […]

  • Trends in web design: Responsiveness and touch screens

    Trends in web design: Responsiveness and touch screens

    Screen Resolution For years, we were designing web pages for monitors that were 640 pixels wide. It was such a relief when we could widen our designs for 800 pixel monitors. A few years later, it was safe to shoot for 1024 pixels (about 995 pixels plus room for the scrollbar). Meanwhile, we had to […]

  • Spam and E-mail encoding

    Spam and E-mail encoding

    Any time you publish your e-mail address online, you risk getting spam as a result. You can’t prevent people from manually copying down your e-mail address.  But that’s not how you usually end up on spammers’ lists. Spammers acquire huge lists of e-mail addresses that have been automatically “harvested” by bots, automatic programs that surf […]

  • What fonts can I use on my website or WordPress blog?

    The fonts that people see on a website (or blog) – or in an e-mail, for that matter, are the ones they have on their computer. It matters not which ones you have on yours. “Browser-safe” fonts are very few in number, as they comprise those fonts that almost every computer has installed. They are […]

  • Register your domain and host your website with two different companies.

    Suppose you register your domain with one company and host your site with the same business.  What happens if the company disappears? Even the big ones can fail. It actually happened with one of the larger registrars a few years ago, leaving many people and businesses severely inconvenienced.  Their websites had disappeared, and they could […]