What to do with your videos?


We are preparing a couple of videos profiling our donors. They will be 1-2 minutes long. We are looking for guidance on how best to incorporate them into FB and our webpage. We think a link from FB to direct them to the page would be good. We wonder if they should be made into Youtube videos first? Can you advise us on how we should proceed?


The best place for videos is on YouTube. Why?

  1. YouTube has the world’s second biggest search engine (it’s owned by Google, after all).
  2. It is then a very simple matter to embed the YouTube video into a web page or post.
  3. Then you share the web page on Facebook.

These steps enable you to drive traffic to your website.

You can also share YouTube videos directly on Facebook, but that doesn’t send people to the website.

You can also upload your videos directly to Facebook, but that again doesn’t send people to the website.

Once you’ve made a post on your Facebook Business Page, you can share the post personally, and have others in the group do the same.

If you choose, you can also use Facebook’s very targeted advertising to spend a few dollars to have the post “promoted” to people living in a certain geographic area who fall within a certain age range and have certain interests. Then you can monitor website traffic as well as Facebook traffic to see if it was effective.

I would recommend writing a new post for each of the videos. Give the posts a common category such as “donor profiles” so you can display them all on a page with other posts of the same category (assuming you’re using WordPress). Then you can create a link to the category in the menu. The new posts would also show up on your general blog page.

Hope this helps.