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WordPress.com vs WordPress.org: How to choose

WordPressSo you want a website, and you’ve heard of WordPress, and maybe you’ve heard that there are two kinds of WordPress: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Say what?

If your needs are simple and your budget is small, a personal blog for example, consider going with WordPress.com. You’re basically on your own, but if you need coaching, problem-solving or tutorials, I can help.

If you need a business or professional website, whether e-commerce or not, with control over how the site looks and how it functions, then you’re looking at WordPress.org.

Unless you’re interested in climbing the same learning curve that I have climbed to learn how to install and use the WordPress software, along with everything else I know about the best plugins, HTML and CSS, updating and managing a site, database management, image processing, Search Engine Optimization, security, etc., you’ll need someone like me to do all that stuff for you before your site is up and running properly.

Here’s an excellent and up-to-date (July 2015) review of the two kinds of WordPress.

If you’re ready to consult with me about a new or redesigned website, this form is a good starting place.