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WordPress logoMost of the new sites and redesigns that I’m creating nowadays are built on WordPress.


WordPress is a open-source blogging application that can be installed on a domain either as part of a site or as the basis of the entire site. It allows the site owner or contributors to make additions to the site themselves. It can be used as a content management system (CMS) for small to medium sites. In fact, you can ignore the blogging part and just have pages, making it look like a normal website – and one you can log into and edit from anywhere. WordPress templates, or themes, are ready-made designs which can be used as is or be customized. Many plugins are available that offer a wide variety in function.

I also offer WordPress training and coaching in person or on the phone.

WordPress is a very active platform that is going to be around for a long time. Like Windows on your PC, it issues regular updates, including security updates (this is a good thing), which are easy to implement from the backend.

WordPress keeps getting better. I changed this site to a WordPress platform in March 2011 (still in progress, like a carpenter’s house) and am thoroughly redesigning it in January 2014.

WordPress allows you to organize and display information in different ways, and to change how information is displayed as your site grows or your needs change.

WordPress has a future-proof quality, because the core of the technology is updated regularly, and themes and plugins can be added and changed as needed. Open source technology ensures that developers continue to create new functionalities via plugins as the internet evolves. As your needs change, you can choose the plugins you need.

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