Website Maintenance & Updates

Help buttonAfter building you a website for you I will remain available for changes and updates as you need them.

Updates can be billed as part of a maintenance contract or an as-needed basis.

They can include:

  • Text and photo updates.
  • WordPress core, theme and plugin updates (which are important to do regularly, just like your Windows or Mac OS updates).
  • Menu changes
  • Adding or deleting pages
  • Hosting issues
  • Domain registration issues
  • …. and much more.

racing2Most of my clients have remained with me in the long term because of prompt and reliable website updates, as well as my ability to take care of any issues that come up.

I can also update most websites built by others, if you have the login credentials.

(Note: If the site was built in a proprietary CMS or software, there may be limitations on what I can do. Some situations take me more time to find my way around so there could be an upfront charge. Sometimes it has been easier to rebuild the site in HTML/CSS or WordPress than to work with an old or obscure structure.)

Please contact me to inquire.

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