Portfolio: WordPress Web Sites

The images on this page link directly to WordPress websites built by HolmPage Productions.

website on various devices

Responsive websites adapt to desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

WordPress is a widely-used, open-source application for building websites. In fact, it’s being used by about 25% of sites on the web today.

It can be installed on a domain either as part of a site or as the basis of the entire site.

Edit it yourself – or not: WordPress allows the site owner or other contributors to make additions to the site themselves.

It can be used as a content management system (CMS) for small to medium sites. In fact, you can ignore the blogging part and just have pages, making it look like a normal website – one you can log into and edit from anywhere.

Timberframe House Plans website  Quinlan and Associates Law, Halifax website Annapolis Valley Farmland Trust website Do Re Me and Maria website magi-mediation  deWeeversWovensThe Nelson House B&B website

Most of the new sites and redesigns that I’m creating nowadays are built on WordPress, whether my clients want to edit their own site or not. There are many other reasons to choose WordPress.

I also offer WordPress lessons and coaching in person or on the phone.

SASLQ websiteMobile-Friendly: All my WordPress sites are built on a structure that is responsive and changes according to the device you are using. This is important for several reasons.

  1. People are increasingly using their mobile devices to access the web.
  2. If your site is one that people would be looking for while on the go, such as a restaurant or accommodation site, it is very important that it work on a smartphone.
  3. Google now detects whether a site is mobile-friendly. If someone is searching using a smartphone, Google favours mobile-friendly websites in the search results.

Add functions! Contact forms, photo galleries, booking and events calendars, e-mail list signup forms, and almost anything you can think of can be added to a WordPress site.

For the foreseeable future: WordPress is a very active platform that is going to be around for a long time because there is such a large industry supporting it and depending on it, even though it costs nothing to buy the program itself. Like Windows on your PC, it issues regular updates, including security updates (this is a good thing), which are easy to implement from the backend.

WordPress keeps getting better with every update.

Mahone Bay PoolWordPress has a future-proof quality, because the core of the technology is updated regularly, and themes and plugins can be added, updated and changed as needed. Open source technology ensures that developers continue to create new functionalities via plugins as the internet evolves. And as your needs change, you can choose the plugins you need.

The Mahone Bay Pool website (right) was built in 2011 and is kept updated over the summer by the swimming instructors and lifeguards – a boon for parents. I changed the theme to a responsive one that adapts its display on smartphones, so parents can keep in touch with the pool while they’re on the go. Staff can update the site using their phones.

Organize and re-organize:

WordPress allows you to organize and display information in different ways, and to change how information is displayed as your site grows or your needs change.

Once posts are in the database, they can be organized in different ways as the project – or your business – grows and evolves.

boss-solar-toronto-2 The Blockhouse School Project website

Multi-lingual: WordPress is available in many languages. Multilingual plugins are available that help the user switch from one language to another, and help the site managers to coordinate the pages in the different languages.

Search Engine Friendly: WordPress plays well with search engines right out of the box. Posts and pages can be further optimized with the help of excellent plugins.

E-Commerce: WordPress can be used for e-commerce sites using plugins such as WooCommerce. If you needs are simple, a PayPal “Buy” button may suffice.

Blogging and building over time

And of course WordPress can be used to create a blog, or to build a website that you are going to develop over time. The menu can be rearranged as your needs change without redesigning the whole site. I can help you think through the site organization as your needs change.


Some personal projects:

A fun WordPress project of mine is SpiroGraphicArt, in which I get to play with the old and new Spirograph and similar drawing tools. I have rearranged the navigation as the site grew.

I’ve set up many other WordPress installations for clients and family members, including my music therapist sister at Deep Soul Singing, which she enjoys editing and playing with, my stepfather at Long Hill Publishing, my late father at FlemmingHolm.ca where his family history and opinions are preserved in electronic perpetuity, and a tribute site for my late mother, JuneMaginley.ca.

Can I learn to use it?

If you are comfortable using MS Word or other word-processing software, and have mastered uploading photos to Facebook, you can learn to update your WordPress website yourself.

See what I’ve been saying about WordPress in my blog.