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Eagle Ridge Green website on WordPress

Residential real estate agents would be best off using a website platform designed with special features for the real estate market. These platforms use templates that can be customized for you. If you are affiliated with a larger company, these are probably provided. However, there are WordPress options available for independent agents.

If you are selling lots of land, or operating outside the mainstream of the real estate industry, a bespoke website is an essential business asset.

Cambrian's CoveChambers Developments

Cambrian’s Cove is a subdivision near Halifax with building lots for sale, close to nature while being near all the amenities and attractions of the city. The testimonials alone would sell me on one of their lots! The website helps interested buyers, who may see the web address on “Lots for Sale” signs, learn more about the development before contacting the developer, saving him a lot of time answering questions. It also provides an anchor for a listing realtor to link to. The sale of a single lot with the help of the website provides an excellent return on investment (ROI).

Chambers Developments Inc. is a commercial real estate developer and leasing and sales agent based in Wolfville and Halifax, Nova Scotia, and operating throughout Atlantic Canada. They are allied with other commercial real estate agents throughout North America. Their web site was a redesign, with special attention being paid to search engine optimization.

I redesigned Eagle Ridge Green’s web site on a responsive WordPress platform. It offers similar features and benefits for a subdivision on a lake.

So what can I say about a website that has helped me sell a million dollars in recreational property and has put my website at the top of the google search list. Fabulous work Heather. Holmpage knows their stuff and is reasonably priced.
Thank you from Gord at  eagleridgegreen.com