Portfolio: Construction and Specialty Builders Website Design

The internet is a perfect match for the construction business.

Retirement or dream homes are planned years in advance. My clients have found that their websites have enabled them to gather a following of potential customers online.

  • Keep people and search engines coming back with regular updates.
  • Showcase the quality of your work with great photos, well presented.
  • Spend less time on the phone by letting the information on your website do the talking. When people finally contact you, they will be better informed.

Timber Frame and Log Home Builder Websites

Timberframe House Plans websiteheartwood-log-homesArlington Frame Company

I’ve worked with Heartwood Log Homes and Arlington Timber Frames since the late 1990s, and the websites now drive their businesses. I have redesigned and updated these sites often over the years. Both companies are located in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia.

Arlington Timber Frames spawned a second site, Timberframe Houseplans, which sells building blueprints online and feeds the construction side of their business as well.

dytimberframingTimberhart Woodworks

David Yasenchack is an artisan timberframer in Ohio who works with the beautiful species of trees growing on his Pennsylvania land to build unique and personal timber frames. I love updating his site because his style and the wood available to him are quite different from what I see in Nova Scotia.

TimberhArt Woodworks evolved out of the first modern timber frame revival company in Nova Scotia, and I built their first website back in 1998 or so. Some years later, I redesigned it, incorporating disparate elements introduced by others along the way. It is now updated by staff, with occasional support from me as needed.

Cocks & Delaney Construction and DesignCocks & Delaney are general contractors and master carpenters and cabinetmakers from Mahone Bay.

Timber Tools sells specialty timber framing tools and log building tools, including Serra portable sawmills and, on a separate website I designed for them, Krusi CNC wood milling machines to companies such as the above. I also built them a small site for the mortise and slotter chains used by their timber framing customers.

We recently launched a new site for Timber Tools on the X-Cart platform – a fully-featured shopping cart.

Timber Tools X-Cart siteKrusi.comUS Cutting Chain
I guess timber framing is a bit of a specialty at HolmPage Productions.