Facebook scores again

I now have two clients who tried blogging, with the best of intentions, but didn’t keep it up.  One tried Twitter but that fizzled too.  Now, both have set up Facebook Pages, and have finally found their social medium. I … Continue reading

The impact on traffic of having a blog on your web site

Maybe you’ve heard that it’s good to have a blog on your website – that it brings more visitors.  Want proof? I have a fun little website – a labour of love –  that I’ve been growing for 10 years … Continue reading

ACSBE, The Acadia Centre for Social and Business Entrepreneurship

For small businesses, yes, and also for non-profit and community organizations, ACSBE (pronounced “axe-bee”) runs a variety of programs and workshops.  If you’re in the South Shore/Annapolis Valley area and you’re thinking of starting a business, in the startup phase, … Continue reading