New Canadian anti-spam regulations effective July 1, 2014: Take action now!

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Have you heard about the new Canadian anti-spam regulations coming in? If you: send emails, texts or e-newsletters to customers, past customers or potential customers, have ever THOUGHT of doing so, have a list of previous customers you may want to … Continue reading

Does your Website Need a Forum? Problems & Alternatives

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Web forums, at their best, can create remarkable communities that could never have existed before the internet. They bring together a large number of people from all over the world to focus on a specific topic or interest. Also known as message … Continue reading

Trends in web design: Responsiveness and touch screens

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Screen Resolution For years, we were designing web pages for monitors that were 640 pixels wide. It was such a relief when we could widen our designs for 800 pixel monitors. A few years later, it was safe to shoot … Continue reading

Can you get me ranked #1 on Google?

This is a common question. Here’s Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team, with part of the answer… What I can do for you: 1. Make sure your site is technically structured in such a way that helps Google and … Continue reading